2" Faux Wood Blinds

2" Faux Express Blinds

$42.01 (based on 36x60)

  • Expanded PVC 2" Slat
  • Flame retardant
  • Completely washable

2" Faux Wood Essential Blinds

$43.41 (based on 36x60)

  • Patented SmartPrivacy™ feature allows optimum blind closure for the utmost levels of privacy.
  • Superior colorfastness, endures over 2000 hours of UV testing.
  • Slats can withstand even the highest desert temperatures with inustry leading 135 degree heat deflection temperature.

2" Nature Express Fauxwood Blinds

$65.99 (based on 36x60)

  • Unique printing design technology
  • Realistic wood grain look
  • Acceptable for commercial applications

2" Coastal Faux Wood Blinds

$67 (based on 36x60)

  • Expanded PVC 2" Slat
  • Trapezoid botomrail
  • Water resistant

2" Natures Faux Blinds

$76.01 (based on 36x60)

  • Completely washable
  • Provides tighter closure for increased light control
  • Great for high humidity areas

2" Faux Wood Premium Blinds

$81 (based on 36x60)

  • Breakthrough slat formulation results in significantly reduced pull force requred when raising blinds.
  • Extremely durable and hard slat surface; slats won't dent or scratch over time.
  • Advanced smooth tilting mechanism makes tilting blinds easier than ever.

2" SleepTite Fauxwood Blinds

$81.99 (based on 36x60)

  • Unique slat design
  • Hidden route holes
  • Enhance privacy and light control